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Dinner time

Stream walk

Birds of prey

10 / 30 Archery at Gaveston Hall

Today has been another sunny day. The day began with breakfast followed by a number of different activities. The children have enjoyed swimming, archery, wool winding and exploring in the adventure playground. They enjoyed a delicious selection of freshly made sandwiches for lunch alongside fruit and vegetables. The children then were able to watch and participate in a 'birds of prey' display. They saw (and stroked!) a selection of birds including falcons and owls. Some brave children even held them on their arms! One of our favourite parts of the day was the stream walk where we all got a little bit wet but had a lot of fun! This was followed by a delicious meal of pizza and chips or fish fingers and scoops of ice cream for dessert. To finish our time at Gaveston Hall, we sang songs around a campfire whilst eating toasted marshmallows and drinking delicious hot chocolate! Yum yum! We think the children will sleep well tonight! We are all excited about our trip to Brighton tomorrow.