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Assessment at Bushey Primary Education Federation


Our Key Principles of Assessment:

We believe that assessment involves more than just the teacher assessing but something that should be done with our children rather than to them. The use of ongoing assessment provides vital information to both the teacher and the pupil. It is integral to teaching, learning and future planning. With our children involved, they are able to reach their full potential; with an ability to discuss learning, know what they do well and what they could do to improve.


Assessment approaches:

At Bushey Primary Education Federation, we use varied forms of assessment: 

  • In-school formative assessment on a day-to-day basis
  • In-school summative assessment
  • National Standardised Assessments (EYFS, KS1 & KS2) Summative. 


Reporting to parents and the language of assessment:  

The summer term written report will explain whether or not a child has reached the age-related expectation and will detail the next steps for the child. 


It will state (for core subjects) whether a child is:

PRE: Working at Pre-Curriculum Expectations (of that year group)

WTS: Working Towards the Curriculum Expectations (of that year group)

EXS: Working at the Expected Standard (of that year group)

GDS: Working at Greater Depth


Intent, Implementation and impact for Assessment

Primary Assessments