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Week 3: 21st September 2020

This week we have started our first topic of the Jolly Postman. 


In English we learnt about features of a letter. We had lots of letters arrive from the Jolly Postman and we enjoyed writing back to him. We practised using the ? when we asked him questions about his job. We helped him write thank you letters to all the characters he visited and gave suggestions about how he could deliver all the letters. 


In Maths we have been looking at representing numbers in different ways. We have been using all different maths equipment to show numbers in different ways. 


In Science we have been thinking about our senses and linking all the different senses to the different parts of the body. Before we started the lesson we enjoyed trying to match the words to the parts of the body. The children worked really well together although it did show the misconceptions of reading the word 'hear' as lots of children thought it was 'hair'. 


In Topic we looked at Bushey and Oxhey on the map. We identified different things the map showed including the very popular Oxhey park extension. We then drew our own map for the Jolly Postman to use to visit all the characters. 


In Phonics we learnt different ways to write sounds 

ch = tch

ai = ay 

We also practised using these in our Phonic books. 


In PE we practised jumping. We thought about different ways of jumping and how we could use our arms to help us. The children also practised jumping forward, sideways and the very tricky backwards.


Next week we have a very exciting History lesson planned. We do however require photographs. Please could you send in 4 photographs, Baby, toddler, Nursery/Reception and Now to the class email account.


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach