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Week 2: 14th September 2020

Another brilliant week in Purple Class. The children have worked so hard this week and I am amazed at how much they have grown in confidence and independence. 


In English we have continued with the book 'Here we Are'. We focussed on the pages with animals on them. The children thought about what was their favourite animal and why and wrote a sentence about them in their books. We also learnt about endangered animals and how we can help look after our planet and keep animals safe. The children were so shocked when we looked at photographs of beaches full of rubbish after some of the hot weekends we have had recently. 


In Maths we have been looking at ordinal numbers and using positional language. The children have been brilliant at the practical activities and are now working on applying the knowledge to a word problem. They particularly enjoyed having to find Twitter the Owl in a battleships style game. They have to use the words top or bottom row and then 1st, 2nd.... column. This could be something you play at home to help with this language.  


In Science we have been thinking about all the different parts of the body and beginning to think about the importance of each part. We thought about our elbow, neck, leg, head, hand and arm. The children labelled their own body and wrote a sentence about how they use that part. 


In PE we have been playing team games with Game on coaches. They have started a challenge model. We looked at a few different activities and we wrote how well we did in each one. We will then work on each one in PE and then see how much we improve over time. 


In Topic we have been continuing our work on Georges Seurat. The children used the skill and copied a piece of work by Georges Seurat. They then created their own piece using pointillism. In Computing the children used 2Simple to create a piece of Pointillism artwork.

On Thursday we had a mysterious message from an alien. He wanted to visit Earth but was a bit worried. The children created a poster all about Earth and what you find here or what they enjoy about living on Earth. Ideas included, love, family, friends, looking at the stars, rain and shoes. 


In the classroom we have set up a post office role play. This is an insight for our new topic which starts next week. 



The children will visit the library on Monday and they can choose a book themselves. This book must be returned on the Friday if you want to change it. This is due to the books needing to be quarantined over the weekend. 

Children's reading books. These can be changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please encourage your child to be independent in putting the book in the tray in the morning. 


We have included the 'Meet the Teacher' powerpoint on the class page. Please take the time to read this as it includes a lot of important information. 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach