Bushey Primary

Education Federation

Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week Ending 09.10.20

In Maths we studied subtraction by use of the column method and also to demonstrate and cement our understanding of subtraction. We then worked through word problems involving subtraction (up to two stages) to develop our skills in Maths reasoning and fluency.


In English we continued our topic of myths and Roman gods and goddesses. We learnt how Venus was born and her qualities as a goddess. We also wrote diary entries imagining that we were Venus about our feelings about being in love with the mortal, Anchises, while married to Vulcan, who she hated!


In Science, we learnt about the stages of food digestion and how the body processes the food that we eat by way of the digestive system. This followed our study of teeth, the first stage of that digestive system, and reminded ourselves of why it is so important to look after them.


In PSHE, we continued discussing our ideas around actions, consequences and rewards. We also reflected on how this should be considered in school and what our rewards and consequences for various actions might be. We used scenario cards and had a great discussion!