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Week 2: 14.09.2020

This week Red class have been learning about:



-In English this week we have been focusing on writing skills. 

-This weeks focus has been capital letters. 

- Red class have been editing work thinking about where capital letters have been forgotten. 

- They have been learning about all the appropriate times to use capital letters in their writing.



- We started by looking at equivalent/ balanced number sentences e.g. 4+4=6+2.

- Next Red class looked an inequality and using the more than and less than symbols to represent this in a number sentence (<,>,=). 

- At the end of this week we have been using 'think ten', 'think twenty' and the exchange game to help with our addition sums. 



- This week Red class have recapped these sounds:  a-e,i-e,u-e,o-e,aw,are,ur,er,ow (brown), ai, oa,ew,ire and ear. 



- We recapped on all our knowledge of materials and their properties from Year One. 

- We planned and carried out an investigation to determine why particular objects need to be made of certain materials. 



- We started our half term topic 'All about London'.

- Firstly Red class came up with questions they would like to find out about London during the topic. -We then created a timeline of events of the history of London.

- Next Red class learnt about the Geography of London and of the United Kingdom. 

- Finally Red class started to learn about the Stuart era. Red class wrote fact files about 'Life in a Stuart school' and compared it to their modern school life. 


WOW what a busy week we have had Red class!!! You are ALL working so hard and I am extremely proud of every single one of you. Please make sure you have a good rest over the weekend!!! See you all next week.