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Week 4 28.9.20

This week Blue Class have been learning:



  • We reminded ourselves of when and where we use full stops. We then applied this skill to our own writing.
  • We wrote menus describing what King James I may have eaten at a banquet.
  • We wrote sentences to compare the way of life of rich and poor people in Stuart times.



  • We practised subtracting larger numbers by exchanging tens for ones.
  • We solved problems involving subtraction.
  • We found the difference between numbers by counting on using a number line.
  • We used our number bonds to ten to practise adding three single digit numbers.



  • We sketched our own pictures of a variety of London landmarks.
  • We continued to learn songs about London with Ms Caperon.
  • We looked at the different signs and symbols that we know and recognise.
  • We found out about the different monarchs that reigned during Stuart times and placed them on a timeline.


What a busy week; well done Blue Class!


Next week we will be practising using odd and even numbers in maths, as well as familiarising ourselves with the properties and functions of a hundred square. In English we will look at the events of The Plague and the reasons it occurred.