Bushey Primary

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Music Curriculum

We provide a music education that engages and inspires our children to develop a love of music. We strive to develop talents and interests in musical ability and increase confidence and creativity as musical learners. Our aim is that our children will develop a engagement with music, allowing them to compose and to listen with discrimination to a wide range of musical styles and influences. We work with supporting agencies, such as the Hertfordshire music service  and IRock to help us refine and develop our aims and rationale for the approaches to teaching music. Our music curriculum sits within the culture of our school and our belief that the impact of arts participation is positive and improves outcomes in core subjects (as cited by Education Endowment Fund). Musical experiences through performance sit at the heart of our curriculum. Singing and Music learning is shared with parents in all class assemblies and a schedule for music performance across the school year includes IRock concerts, Carol Services, a Harvest and Spring music celebration, choir and orchestra performances, musical theatre and End of Term musical performances for Years 2 & 6. The school Choir is central to our work within the community and is a face of our schools in communicating our high expectations of the children and the standards that can be achieved.