Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow


Welcome to our curriculum page. Across our schools we work hard to ensure our children receive a broad and balanced curriculum which develops skills and provides a knowledge base that inspires them to learn more.  We want our children to value education and to love learning.


We seek to prepare our children for life beyond our building and for the world of tomorrow; 

to be grounded young people that make a difference in the world in which they live. To challenge and question when faced with the unknown or injustices, not simply comply. 


We believe that a culture of learning, built on strong relationships and a curriculum that is planned with key skills and knowledge at its heart, is what our children need and deserve.


We don’t just ‘value’ working with families, we KNOW it is the key to success and our culture is based on collaborative and supportive home school links.


Our curriculum develops the acquisition of knowledge and language through explicit teaching of each National Curriculum subject, with opportunities to revise, review and revisit previous learning until key skills and knowledge are ingrained.


We have, as a staff team engaged in the work of Marc Rowland, Mary Myatt and Tom Sherrington as well as research and reviews from the Education Endowment Foundation and continue to be readers and researchers who are responsive to the changing needs of our children.   We have adopted the following approach and methodology to our curriculum delivery:


Teach Simply 

Model effectively 

Practise thoroughly 

Feedback constructively 

Aspire for excellence  


We also read and respond to reviews of curriculum and the pedagogy of teaching and learning, from bodies such as the DfE and Ofsted, and bring what we feel is appropriate and realistic into our own curriculum development.


Our curriculum is currently dynamic and being deeply reviewed to reflect a national agenda which is rightfully ensuring that all children are exposed to learning experiences which drive ever higher outcomes for them.  We are committed to ensuring the best for all our Bushey Federation children through  ensuring capacity for differing pathways and differing pace for individual learners and their differing needs. Reasonable adjustments sit as part of our curriculum offer in each curriculum area to help us meet the needs of individual learners and adjust our curriculum accordingly. Our School Development Plan is very much centred around the evolution of our curriculum, you can find it attached below. 


Developing Creativity In Our Curriculum and In Our Children  


Both of our Federation Schools are very excited to announce that we are taking part in an innovative ‘Arts Council’s Creativity Collaborative’ three year project.   Following the turmoil of the last two years, there is an imperative to return to focused & formal education with initiatives linked to narratives such as ‘catch-up, tutoring and testing’ high on the national agenda.   As a school, we feel it is important not to lose sight of what we also KNOW to be important in how children think, learn and grow.  Our school’s mission statement is ‘To Educate Today’s Child for Tomorrow’.  In this constantly changing world, where there are increasingly very few absolutes, we believe that our children will be best served by us if we teach them to be independent, adaptable and creative learners & thinkers. 


With this as our driver and focus, we have been part of a bid with a network of schools across London (we use that local train line to our advantage) to develop teaching for creativity; focusing on school cultures, values and shared language. The London Creativity Collaborative network includes schools across all phases, including special education and Sixth Form, and will tackle social and economic disadvantage, where we believe creativity is needed most. The following partner organisations will enhance the project and have already begun working with us: 


The Creativity Collaboratives programme emerged from the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education, a joint research collaboration between Durham University and Arts Council England, convened to look at the role creativity should play in the education of children and young people. The partner schools working on the project are:

The project is led by The St Marylebone CE School, Westminster. They are coordinating the schools and partners, as well as working with Durham University and UCL to evaluate the three year project. With the other 13 schools that are taking part, we have been divided into four sub-groups and are working closely together to trial teaching for creativity strategies.  In our Federation schools we are researching creativity in our approaches to the teaching of Geography. 

What has happened so far?

We have attended the launch event and met all the schools and partner organisations taking part. We’ve also taken part in our first workshop with our sub-group of schools to develop a collective language around creativity and share our initial thoughts and plans for teaching for creativity. Strategies will be developed and trailed in the spring and summer term and over the next three years.