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Week 9 w/c 14.6.21

This week Blue Class have been learning:



  • Using the story ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker, we wrote our own sequels to describe what the girl and her friend did next.
  • We thought about what we would use a magical pencil for, if we were given one for the day!
  • We used stories from the news to inspire our writing. We looked at articles about Nasa’s latest adventures in space and wrote descriptions of what we would see if we travelled to the moon.
  • We used our creativity and imagination to create our own magical worlds that may be discovered on the far side of the moon!



  • We focused on the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.
  • We looked at the equals sign as a balance, and practised finding missing numbers by calculating both sides of a number sentence (eg 15 + 6 = 13 + __)
  • We calculated sides of an equation to prove that both sides were equal.



  • In music, we have been practising Maypole dancing with Ms Caperon!
  • We made Fathers Day cards.
  • We answered our ‘What If…’  scenarios in preparation for transition into Year Three.


Well done on a fantastic work of learning Blue Class!


Next week we writing about Amelia Earhart in English, and looking at different types of charts and statistics in maths.