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Week 8: 24th February 2020

It's Science Week! At Bushey and Oxhey I am Science lead for the school. As a subject Science provides our children with wonderful opportunities such as developing thinking skills, language skills as well as perseverance and resilience. This week has been all about the topic 'Light and Dark'. The children have had a great time exploring this topic and I am so pleased with their attention and learning this week.


We started the week thinking about light sources and where light comes from. The children had lots of wonderful ideas and sparked lots of conversations about the sun, moon and the rotation of the Earth. It was wonderful hearing the children's discussions and questions. 


We then looked at videos about shadow shows. We thought about the importance of having a good understanding of the science behind shadows in order to effectively put on a shadow show. We used the stage lighting to create our own light stage in Toucan class for us to explore how we can use our bodies to create shadows. This was very popular with the children and showed how well the children could work together. 


We also used torches to see how shadows can change when the light source moves. We made big, small, long and short shadows. We linked this activity to the sun appearing to move across the sky and how our shadows change during the day. 


On Thursday we had a Light and Dark workshop. This was a very popular afternoon and the children really showed off what they had learnt this week. They enjoyed moving round all of the different activities and exploring dark tents with flashing lights, periscopes and making their own kaleidoscope. 


Thank you to all the parents who helped with the workshop (especially those parents who helped the other classes who did not have enough parent helpers). I am so grateful and you all really made a difference to our children.


You should have received a letter about World Book Day dress up on Thursday and the Fire Station trip on Friday. Please let me know if you can help with the fire station trip as soon as possible as we will be walking down to the station and we need to know we can safely walk and cross roads. 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach