Bushey Primary

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Week 9 - 08/03/21

Welcome back everyone!

It has been so lovely to have all the children back. 


This week is Science Week and the theme has been 'Innovating for the Future' which has been so fun to explore. It is a brilliant theme to involve lots of different lessons and has allowed us to read so many books. 


In English we read the book 'Clean Up!' which talks about plastic pollution in the sea. We imagined what the park would be like if there was lots of rubbish everywhere. The children made their own posters to make sure people keep the parks clean. We then looked at Greta Thunberg and her work in helping protect the planet. The children wrote a fact file all about Greta and why she is an inspiration.


We have also spent the week looking at different inventors and innovators from around the world using some fantastic texts from Little People, Big Dreams series, Little Leaders Series and Fantastic Women who.... series. The children have loved learning about real people who have changed the world. The children became inventors and created their own invention in small groups to help clean up rubbish. We had some brilliant ideas including a shrink ray to make the rubbish smaller and easier to pick up, as well as a robot that picks up all of the rubbish for us!


In Science we have had a look at lots of different inventions. We explored bridges and children planned and created a newspaper bridge in groups. This showed resilience, teamwork and evaluative skills as they tried to make their bridges stand up and then hold weights. 

We explored boats and conducted a fair test experiment. The children had three boats made of paper, card and foil and had to find out which one was the strongest. After exploring the different materials, we conducted the experiment together and wrote about which material was the strongest and why our experiment was a fair test. 

Today we have also made rockets using paper and straws. We went outside to see how far they could go and we talked about how we could change the direction to make the rockets fly even further. 


In Maths we looked at numbers to 20 and applying the skills we learnt with numbers to 10. We looked at one more and one less and had a very enjoyable treasure hunt to order these numbers. We also counted in 5s on a number line and found the missing numbers.


Next Week:

In English we will be writing our own biography - including thinking about what we are good at and what we want to be when we are older.


In Maths we are introducing cuisenaire - a resource to help us solve mathematical problems and then applying them in our numbers to 20 work. 


We will also be looking at the books by Jim Field to help continue the transition back to school and using Jigsaw lessons to help support the children with any difficulties or worries they have. 


PE days are Thursdays. Library will be on Monday and books to be returned on Friday. Reading books can be changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


Well done on a fantastic week back Yellow Class!