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Week 2: 13th January 2020

Another fabulous week in Parrot Class. We have been focusing on the story of Whatever Next! this week. 


We enjoyed acting out the story as a class and then having a go during active learning. We are really working on our expression and story language. It was fantastic to watch!

The children have loved creating their story 'S' retelling key parts of the story. We are focusing on writing captions or short sentences in our work. We have been continuing learning our new sounds 'ch' and 'sh' and practising writing these sounds in words and short captions. We are getting much better at using whiteboards on the carpet. 


In Maths we have been weighing space rocks found by Miss Leach on her trip to the moon. We have been using the correct vocabulary of 'lighter' and 'heavier'. We have also been challenging ourselves to sort three objects by weight. Making sure we measure and compare all of our three objects. 


We have enjoyed creative activities this week from making rockets to using our photographs to turn us into astronauts. We have begun to look at planets and this will be more of a focus next week. 


Maybe over the weekend you could have a look at any scales at home and see what heavy and light objects you can find. 


Have a lovely weekend


Miss Leach