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Week 7: 19th October 2020

This week we continued looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have enjoyed listening and retelling this story.


In English we planned our story - changing different aspects of the story. Goldilocks became a mouse, a robot and a rabbit. The Three Bears became a snake, a monster and a dinosaur. The children then rewrote part of the story using their own ideas. This was very tricky however the children impressed me with their own versions of the story. 


In Maths we started looking at patterns within grouping numbers. We have done this up to 5 and this will form part of knowing and understanding how our number bonds can help us. We thought about working systematically to find all the ways to make 5 and to make sure we did not miss any out. 


In topic we continued our computing project to retell the story using a program called 2animate on purple mash. There were some really careful creations and the children really concentrated (which is a lovely reason for the activity to take double the amount of time). 


In Phonics we recapped our new graphemes and practised using these and thinking about which grapheme to use in which case. The sounds are 

ai - ay - a_e

v - ve

ch - tch

ee - ea



I have uploaded some phonic files onto the class page. Please practise the sounds over the half term. We are still going over Phase 3 sounds as children are not using these consistently within their reading and writing. Phonicsplay have ended their free provision for COVID but do still have some games available for free and are a great way to continue applying Phonics skills. 


We finished the week with some Halloween and autumn crafts and celebrated our first half term as Purple Class. We finished our first Jigsaw topic 'It's Good to be Me' and we reflected on what we have enjoyed about Year 1. 


Next half term we will be continuing our Jolly Postman journeys topic for a couple of week. Our PE days will be changing and will now be Wednesday and Thursday. These days children can come to school in their PE kits.


Please have lots of rest over the half term break. The children have worked so incredibly hard this half term and have made me so proud so they really need a break. Enjoy the Autumn season and see what changes are happening to our environment. 


Have a lovely half term and see you on the 2nd November!

Miss Leach