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Week 10: 11th November 2019

We have had quite a busy week in Toucan Class this week!


On Monday we celebrated Remembrance Day. We attended a whole school assembly where we learned about Remembrance Day and joined in with one minute of silence. We talked about why people wear poppies and we painted our own poppies during the day.


On Tuesday we introduced the story of Stick Man. We retold the story, thinking in particular what Stick Man was used for in the story. We also looked at the story ‘Not a Stick’. We used our imaginations to think of other things that a stick might be. We came up with ideas and wrote about them.


In maths we looked at length this week. We had sticks of various lengths and worked out how to order these from shortest to longest.


We also used real sticks to make our own Stick Men. We learned that there are many joining techniques including using string, masking tape or sellotape that we could use. We had to work out which of these worked best to attach the parts of Stick Men together.


We had our Open Classroom session on Thursday morning. It was great to see so many parents in attendance. We are also holding a phonics workshop next Wednesday 20th November after school. We will give you further ideas on how to work with your child and this will also give you a chance to speak about your child’s individual reading and how you can support with this.


On Friday we celebrated Children in Need Day. The children came to school with lots of colourful and spotty accessories. We spent the morning decorating biscuits and then sold them at the end of the day. Thank you to parents for your kind donations towards this.


Today we have handed out the letters about our Christmas Nativity. Some children will also have words to learn which are attached to this letter. Please bring in the costumes as soon as possible and let us know if you are having any problems in sourcing anything needed.


Well done on a great week of learning Toucan Class!