Bushey Primary

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Week 6: W/E 16th October 2020

This week we have been learning... 


Maths: In maths we have been practicing our metal addition skills and using number facts that we know to help with our addition. We have also been regrouping the numbers to help us work out the sums faster and more efficiently.


English: In English we have been looking at the features of instruction writing. Then we used a range of different techniques to memorize and perform the instructional language. Next we started to think about how we could write our own instructions. 


Topic: In geography we have been using an atlas to find and name the rivers and seas of the United Kingdom and mark them on a map. We have also been using clay again this week to practice the different clay skills that we need for next week to make dragon eyes!


This week we also looked at "The Promise" by Nicola Davies and watched a short BBC animation of the story. We then used this to help us think about the importance of nature and to inspire a class forest picture made with finger paints!