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Week 6: 7th October 2019

This week in Toucan Class we have continued with our All About Me topic, with a special focus on our bodies. We named our body parts and played games where we had to find certain body parts. We also drew parts of the body and attempted to label them. The children were quite interested to learn about our lungs and hearts and how our blood is pumped around our bodies.


In maths we learned about height. We looked at comparing our heights and finding out who was taller and shorter. We then began to put groups of three children in order, according to their height. We also helped each other to measure our heights.


In phonics this week we learned three new sounds: s, a, t. We learned the Jolly Phonics songs and actions for each of these sounds and learned how to write them. We looked at words that began with the sounds s, a and t and attempted to write the initial sounds for these words. On Friday the children received a new ‘sound tag’, containing the sounds that we have learned this week. Your child also has a letter in their bookbag explaining this more for you and giving you ideas on how to use them.


Next week we will be looking at the story of Oliver’s Vegetables and talking about healthy eating.


Have a lovely weekend Toucan Class.