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Week 5: 3rd February 2020

This week Parrot class went on a bear hunt. The children were very excited to be reading and working with their favourite book and even better they could bring in their favourite teddy for a picnic on Friday. 


We started by reading the story and coming up with actions and suitable musical instruments to go alongside the retell. The book is wonderful with is rhythm and repetition that the children can tell the story independently. 


We then looked at the features of an invitation and thought about what details needed to be on the invitations for the teddy bears. The children were very motivated to write this week (I think they were worried their teddies may already have plans). 


On Friday it was lovely to meet all the children's teddies. They looked after them all day and enjoyed showing the teddies their classroom. The children were busy making sandwiches for their picnic, practising their cutting skills. Over lunch time the teddies stayed in the classroom and when we returned to look at some photographs from the morning we realised the bears had been up to mischief. While we were all having our lunch the teddies enjoyed playing inside and outside the classroom. One was even spotted hanging from the ceiling. In the afternoon we had our wonderful picnic. The children shared their food with their bears and then we finished off with some party games. We hope the children and teddies all had fun. 


This week we introduced our new PHSE lesson called Jigsaw. The children have a character called Jenie in their classroom and over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at 'Wonderful Me'. We will be talking about similarities and differences as well as emotions. The lessons involve mindfulness which is a brilliant time to relax and think about our breathing. 


Don't forget our assembly on Wednesday 12th February. The children have all got a line to say so please practise them. (Some children left them on the carpet so please don't worry if they are not in their bookbags.)


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach