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Week 9: Monday 14th June 2021

This week, the children have helped me write our class page. Here are the things they have enjoyed about school this week...


Finn enjoyed building a house out of wooden blocks. It was a sculpture of a house.


Kyero and Millie enjoyed a secret art activity that we did in class. Jack and Freya enjoyed adding detail to their pieces of art and Tegan used glue to add on some extras to hers. Sybil did some fantastic writing to go with hers! All will be revealed on Sunday...


Zachary has loved the hot sunshine!


Daniel and Niamh had a great time painting a self portraits.


Bhavithra used the magnetic construction to make a sculpture of a house. 


Aarav practised his cutting skills by cutting out all the parts of a flower and sticking them together. 


Parker has been enjoying writing in Phonics lessons.


Mia has been learning all about consonant blends in Phonics and enjoyed spotting them.


Orry worked with some friends to make a challenge slide out of wooden planks and tins.


Skye enjoyed lots of reading this week, especially Jack and the Beanstalk.


Lucas had a great time in PE, practising his throwing skills. 


Lara's week ended with a special mention in the Golden Book - well done!


Finley and Matthew enjoyed playing number bingo in Maths.


Jem has been busy building things with Lego - a car was his favourite build this week. And Maayon built an aeroplane!


Rohan really enjoyed some reading tasks in Phonics this morning. 


Jessica enjoyed our change of routine today. A rainy walk through the playground to lunch because the hall was busy.


Joshua has been spotting sounds in words and sorting them in to alien or real words. 


We hope your week has been as busy as ours!


Stay dry and let's hope for some more sunshine next week. Have a lovely weekend!