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Outdoor Classroom Day - March

On Thursday, Year 3 took part in their monthly Outdoor Classroom Day. The weather wasn't too bad; we only got rained on once. We had a lovely time exploring the Wildlife Garden and we were really excited to discover that we have not only tadpoles but newts, in our school pond. We explored the area to see what other wildlife and plants we could find. Both classes had a session on the art of Hape-Zome. Hapa-Zome is a Japanese term meaning 'leaf-dye'. We transferred the pigments from leaves, flowers and berries onto fabric by hammering them with a rolling pin. We strolled through the Woodland Trail and then B3 took part in a shape-making/team-building activity. M3 sculpted faces from mud and then attached them to trees. We really enjoyed just being outside in the fresh hour.