Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1: 12th April 2021

What a wonderful first week back. The children have been amazing!


We have started our new topic Superheroes and the children have loved it so far.


In English we looked at what makes a hero and looked at real life hero Captain Tom Moore. The children thought of their own challenges they could do just like Tom Moore. We had some brilliant ideas such as walking to Japan, running 30k and running around the world. They may take a while but they are definitely challenges. 


We then started to look at the book Supertato. The children thought of words to describe the characters thinking not only about what they look like but also their personality too. We had some fantastic words such as talented, evil, cheeky and mischievous. We then made our own Supertato scenes and wrote speech bubbles for the characters. 


In Maths we have been looking at word problems and focusing on vocabulary. This is encouraging children to think about what clues they can gather from the words to work out what steps they need to use to solve the problems. We also looked at finding the difference and how it links to subtraction. 


In Topic we designed our own veg hero and thought about what materials we need to make it next week. They are very excited about this and the room will be full of heroes!


It has been a brilliant week and we have had so much fun! 


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Leach