Bushey Primary

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Week 2: 2.03.20

This week has been an exciting week as it has been BOOK WEEK!!! 



  • We focused on stories from Julia Donaldson during Book Week.
  • We looked at the Snail and The Whale and The Gruffalos Child.
  • We looked at the settings in both stories and compared the two.
  • Then the Lions planned and designed in groups their own setting for a story. Thinking about what they would see and who might live there. 
  • Finally Lions were very lucky as they had a visit from Mrs Atley who works for the publishing company Penguin. Mrs Atley focused on the story 'Superduper You' by Sophy Henn. The children designed and made their own superhero mask and thought about what their superpower would be. 



  • We have been looking at measurement.
  • We started by looking at length and height and learning the difference between the two.
  • We then looked at mass and weight using scales.
  • Finally we revisited positional and ordinal language.



  • In Science to finish off the topic of materials the Lions looked at 'floating and sinking'. 
  • We started our new topic which will be 'Our Local Area'. 
  • The Lions started the week by thinking about what they wanted to find out from this topic.
  • Then we looked at the comparison between houses in our local area now and houses in the past (e.g. features of Victorian houses).


Well done on another extremely busy week Lions!!!!! I hope you all get lots of rest over the weekend.