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WOW Badge Competetion

WOW - walk to school badge competition 2021

Every year, Living Streets the charity who run 'WOW Walk to School Challenge' launch a competition for the children to design their own badge that if chosen, could be used next year as one of the official monthly badges.  


This year's theme is: Walk for the World  

By walking to school, instead of driving, we reduce our carbon (CO2) emissions. High levels of CO2 are responsible for warming the earth, which results in melting ice caps, rising sea levels, changes in the weather and damage to habitats.  Animals and natural habitats all over the world are affected by climate change. 

What should the children draw?  draw an animal or natural habitat that you want to protect by walking to school!


Some children are completing their badge entry form at school but some children have been asked to complete them at home.  All children that are completing their badge entry form at home have been given the form to bring home with them.  Please find below a printer friendly competition form just in case your child's entry form has been misplaced.  


The closing date for the competition is Monday 24th May.  If the children are completing their entry form at home then please can the children hand in their completed entry form to their class teacher by this date at the latest.


Good luck to all the children and we can't wait to see your badge designs. 

Top tips for winning designs

Copy of badge competition form