Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 11

The fun of Christmas began this week as the children created snowmen for the class Christmas hoop. These have been displayed in the dining hall for the children to enjoy seeing over the rest of the term. 

In Science this week, the children continued learning about forces. They worked together in table groups to sort pictures of different types of forces. For example, if the picture was showing a pushing or pulling force. After this they learnt about the way in which forces can be either balanced or unbalanced. 

In English, the children finished writing their biographies and published them. We will put these together to create a class book. We have begun our new class story, Who Let The God’s Out and will move onto writing about this in our next English unit, 

In maths, we moved onto securing written methods for addition and subtraction. Next the children will work on reasoning around the written methods before moving on to written methods for multiplication and division.