Bushey Primary

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Weeks 3 and 4: Monday 26th April and Tuesday 4th May 2021

We have been using the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle as our focus book over the last two weeks. Mainly because of our visitors in class but it has also linked to our Maths learning too. We have been thinking about the lifecycle of a caterpillar and what happens through each stage from egg to butterfly. We have been watching our caterpillars grow each day and we are excitedly awaiting the change in to cocoons. We made our own lifecycle models in an Art activity, using cutting and sticking skills.


We then took inspiration from the book and wrote lists of food that we would like to eat if we were that caterpillar. The children decided on everything from macaroni cheese to mangos and huge chocolate bars to glasses of milk. The children are all working so hard on their writing, using their sounds and finger spaces carefully to make sure that their work can be read by others. They've been writing descriptive sentences about the caterpillars too.


The story also got us thinking about the days of the week and the cycle that they take too. We sang songs about the order of the days and thought about different things that we do each day - PE on a Monday, Music on a Wednesday and playing on the pirate ship on a Friday. 


Today was the NSPCC Number Day - there were some very creative ways of dressing as a number in our class. We played games (giant snakes and ladders was a big hit!), sang songs and recapped all of our number learning from the year so far. We looked for numbers in the environment, found creative ways of representing numbers and even re watched some Numberblocks episodes to end our day too. We definitely packed a lot of number fun in!!


Stay dry tomorrow everyone! See you bright and early on Monday! And don't forget it's back to 5 day weeks again...