Bushey Primary

Education Federation

Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 1 7.9.20

This week Blue Class have been learning:



  • Along with the rest of the federation, we read the book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers.
  • We planned and wrote our own informative guide for someone who had never been to Earth before.
  • We used headings and titles to organise our writing.
  • We recapped on the phonic sounds we learned in Year One.



  • We placed numbers to twenty on a number line.
  • We found different ways to make numbers to ten, and used part-whole models to show this.
  • We used tens and ones to partition numbers to twenty.



  • We reminded ourselves of the school rules and how to be kind to our friends.
  • We drew silhouette pictures to show what is important to us.
  • Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, we created our own art using materials we found outside.
  • We made posters about how we could look after our environment.


Next week we will be beginning our new topic all about London. In English, we will find out about life and schools at the time of the Great Fire of London. In Maths, we will be using the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols (> and <) to compare number sentences.


Well done Blue Class on a fantastic first week back; it is lovely to have you back with us!