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Week 6 - 17/05/21

This week in English we continued to look at Traction Man and using adjectives to describe him. We thought about what the words appearance and personality meant and how we could write sentences to describe these. This week we also looked at the story of the Wizard of Oz. We used what we had learnt about using adjectives to describe characters from the story in groups, thinking about what they looked like as well as what their personality was like. On Tuesday we then had a fantastic performance of the Wizard of Oz! It was amazing to watch and Yellow class loved it! We wrote a review of the performance afterwards, thinking about our favourite part, the funniest part and our favourite character. We have also looked at how we could use different words for 'said' and what words are used in the Wizard of Oz story. We found words such as cried, grunted and yelped. Yellow class acted out using these words with lines from the story and then wrote some speech to think about what some of the characters were saying. 


In maths this week, we have continued looking at arrays in multiplication. We drew arrays with groups greater than 2, for example 4 x 3 and used the arrays to help us find the answer. We then explored arrays and looked at patterns in them. We noticed how they could show us both multiplication sentences and how we could see the groups in different ways. 


In science we looked at the weather and talked about the different kinds of weather we can have. We predicted what we thought the weather would be like for the rest of the week and plotted on a map the weather in the UK. Yellow class then became weather reporters and presented the weather on their map to the rest of the class. 


This week in art, we continued to look at pop art. Yellow class used their chosen medium from last week (pens, paints, crayons or pencils) to create their own pop art and they created some amazing pieces! In PE, we focused on practicing our skills with a tennis racket and a ball.


Next week we will be looking at problem solving with multiplication in maths and applying what we have learnt to different types of questions. In science we will look at seasonal changes and in art we are looking at the work of Andy Warhol and creating our own work inspired by him.