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Instrument of Governance

Instrument of Governance


Every Board of Governors must adhere in its form to that set out in its Instrument of Governance. The Instrument itself must conform to a set of statutory requirements, and is approved, in maintained schools, by the Local Authority on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education..


Periodically, Boards review their Instrument of Governance and propose any changes to the Local Authority. We are seeking to revise our Instrument because of our decision to structure the leadership of our two schools under one Federation Headteacher, Mary Ann Cooper, from 1st September 2019.


The Instrument of Governance presented in draft form below is set to be adopted by the Governing Board of Bushey Primary Education Federation at its meeting on Thursday 21st November 2019, and proposed thereafter to the Local Authority, Hertfordshire County Council, through the Governance Team at Herts for Learning.



Name of the Federation:

  • Bushey Primary Education Federation (BPEF)


Schools in the Federation:

  • Bushey and Oxhey Infant School
  • Bushey Manor Junior School


Name of the Governing Board:

  • The Governing Board of Bushey Primary Education Federation (BPEF)


The Governing Board shall consist of:

  • Two Parent Governors
  • One Local Authority Governor
  • Two Staff Governors
  • One Headteacher Governor
  • Seven Co-opted Governors


Total Number of Governors:

  • Thirteen


Instrument to be proposed to BPEF Board:

  • Thursday 21st November 2019


Instrument proposed to Local Authority:

  • Monday 25th November 2019