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Clean Air Day Thursday June 17th 2021

It’s really important to keep our air clean, so children’s lungs can develop and grow properly.  We all know the health benefits of walking, so please help us to reduce congestion, by supporting children being more active and lower carbon emissions on this year’s Clean Air Day.

We would like to encourage all our pupils to try and walk, cycle or scoot to school. If it is not possible to walk all the way, then it would be great if you could park 10 minutes away from school and walk or scoot on the last part of your journey.  If you do drive to school, please do not to leave your cars idling or “ticking over”, especially near schools and even consider leaving the car at home at least once a week.

We appreciate all your support for a heathier future.
Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free

Cleaner Air for All

Clean Air Day posters