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Week 7: Monday 24th May 2021

We have been really focussing on teen and two digit numbers in Maths, embeding the idea of them being 1 ten and some more (not 13 being a 1 and a 3). The children were all really developing their understanding around this and were able to think about these numbers and represent them in different ways (digits, tens frames, numicon and number sentences too). 

What we did notice is lots of incorrect number formations. So please keep reinforcing and practising these at home too! 


We have been doing lots of handwriting practise this week too. Sometimes, writing looks neat but when you watch how each letter is being written, it's not always correct. It is so important that we reinforce correct formations. Breaking these habits early, with lots of prompting and reminders, is much better than waiting until they start to learn to join up their writing in later years and they can't, meaning they have to go back to the beginning and learn to form individual letters again. 


Our caterpillars made an apprearance this week - well 2 of them anyway! The first one came out of it's cocoon over night on Monday and the second was there when we came to school on Wednesday. Yesterday we released these 2, and what a beautiful sunny afternoon we had to do it too. One flew straight off and the other hung around for a little while so we got to have a good look at it as it explored it's new home. Unfortunately, the other 8 are still in their cocoons... As I write this on Friday, they are still in them, so it looks like I've got some friends for the half term!


Our beans didn't quite grow in time for us to explore them in school. So now it's over to you guys! (I promise, I didn't just send the children home with a cup full of soil yesterday... there is something growing in their somewhere!) Hopefully the upcoming sunshine and your green fingers will help them to grow at home. If you have any luck with the beans, I would love to see any photos of them. You can either email these to me or put an observation on Tapestry. And this could also be a great opportunity to encourage your child to do some independent writing too. We started a bean diary in class but didn't get further than the first page as nothing else happened...


Well thats another half term done. This year is flying by! I hope you all have a wonderful half term. The sun looks like it's going to finally make an appearance just in time! See you all on Monday 7th June, refreshed and ready for our final 7 weeks as Green Class!