Bushey Primary

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Week 2 - 14/09/20

Well done Yellow Class on another fantastic week!


This week in English, we have continued looking at the 'Here We Are' book by discussing and writing about our favourite animals. We have also been thinking about endangered animals and how we can help them. Yellow Class wrote some amazing sentences to explain how we can help these animals, for example, by recycling our paper and not leaving litter on the beaches. 


In maths, we have been looking at ordinal numbers and positional language so we have been using the language of 1st, 2nd, 3rd to describe where different objects are. Yellow class have also done some practical activities where we practised turning in different ways, for example whole turns and half turns. 


Our topic work this week has been exciting as Yellow Class have created their own art work in the style of Georges Seurat's pointillism. We used the 'dots' technique to copy one of his paintings and then create our own of different animals. In Science, we have been thinking about the different parts of the body, for example, our arms, legs and hands. The children then labelled a picture in their books. 


Yellow Class received a letter sent from an alien on Thursday. He was asking us all about Earth, what our favourite things on Earth are and what we can see. We created posters to tell the alien all about our planet. 


Well done on a great week Yellow Class. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Ward