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Week 5: 30th September 2019

This week we looked at the series of ‘You Choose’ books. We read You Choose and You Choose in Space. We looked carefully at the pictures on each page and described what we could see. We talked about the objects we would choose and worked on describing them using full sentences and describing words. We have also continued to read the children’s favourite stories which they have been bringing in to share with us.


We talked about self-portraits this week. We looked at examples of self-portraits and planned how we would do our own. We used mirrors to think about the colours we would need. The children worked carefully to paint their own self-portraits and these will be on display in the classroom very soon.


We are currently working on Phase 1 phonics, which involves lots of games to help children hear various sounds. We have enjoyed playing eye spy, Simon Says and using phonics play website for listening games. The children received their first reading books on Tuesday. We have also sent home a letter with the children to give you ideas on how to explore your child’s reading book with them. Next Tuesday there will be a box available in the classroom if your child is ready to change their book.


We had our music lesson with Miss Caperon again on Tuesday. We have now begun to learn some songs for our Harvest Assembly which will be taking place at the end of this half term.


We received lots of examples of environmental print this week. Thank you to everyone who has sent some in. We will now use these to make a display in our literacy area.


Next week we will be continuing with our topic All About Me. We will be talking about body parts, healthy eating and measuring height.


Well done on a great week of learning Toucan Class.