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Week 5 - 05/10/20

Well done on another fantastic week Yellow Class!


We have been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week. In English, we started by sequencing the story and the rest of the week we focused on writing the story. We had a separate lesson for the beginning, middle and end and Yellow Class have produced some fantastic writing with some excellent descriptions! In phonics, we have been recapping some phase 3 sounds such as 'ai' and comparing these to sounds in phase 5 - 'ay' and 'a-e'. If you want to practice these more at home, we sometimes use a website called Phonics Play which has some good games to practice all of our sounds! ( 


In maths, we focused on numbers to ten and using the language of more and fewer. We then applied this language to using number lines and we began to learn how to regroup the whole number. We will continue regrouping the whole number using part whole models and tens frames next week. 


This week in science, we have started learning about animals and how we can sort and group them. Yellow Class had to work as a team to sort their animals into different categories such as those with legs and those with no legs. Next week, we will carry on this topic to investigate more about different types of animals, including mammals and reptiles.


We have used the Jack and the Beanstalk story in our topic work this week as well. We looked at maps and discussed the types of things that maps have to help us know where to go. We used our knowledge of this to create a map of Jack's village and Yellow Class created some fantastic maps with excellent details!


In art, we learnt about an artist called Molly Rausch. She collected postage stamps as a child and used them later in life to create artwork. She painted around the stamp so that the stamp looked like it was part of the painting. Yellow Class used the same concept but we created artwork using a picture of our faces! With half of the face missing from the photo, we had to look closely and draw the other half of our face next to the photo. Yellow Class worked brilliantly and some excellent drawings were created!


Next week, we will be looking at the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story in English and topic. We will be learning new phonics sounds of 'i-e' and 'e-e' and continuing to practice spelling tricky words.


Have a lovely weekend Yellow Class!