Bushey Primary

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Week 4 w/c 15.3.21

This week Blue Class have been learning:



  • We looked at apostrophes and how they can be used to join two words In contractions.
  • Using the story ‘My Grandpa’s Amazing Inventions’, we designed and labelled or own imaginative inventions.
  • We wrote descriptions of our inventions and evaluated the good and bad parts of each.
  • We wrote persuasive letters to try to sell our magical inventions!



  • We practised applying our arithmetic skills to a wide variety of reasoning problems.
  • We used ‘RUCSAC’ to help us solve different word problems.
  • We thought about the words in each problem that told us how we could find the answer.



  • We looked at the inspirational artist Henri Rousseau.
  • We wrote facts about his life and work.
  • Using his portrait-landscape style, we practised using watercolour pencils to draw plants and flowers before starting our own landscapes.
  • We enjoyed singing songs about inventions in music with Ms Caperon.
  • We had a great Red Nose Day and laughed at all the jokes our friends had to share!


Well done on an exciting week Blue Class!


Next week we will looking at leaders, and what makes a good leader. In maths, we will focus on shapes and symmetry.