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We are currently working with two local uniform suppliers; Beat and Mapac.  This gives you as parents a choice of service, quality and price that meets your needs.  As detailed below, we only require you to purchase branded sweatshirts/cardigans or PE tops from these suppliers.  All other uniform pieces can be purchased in supermarkets.  We actively seek to keep costs for families to a minimum. 




As part of our drive to develop sustainability amongst our school community, we have barely-used and good quality uniforms available from the school which have been donated by other parents.  These are uniforms that their children have grown out of.  We are actively seeking to develop this sustainable practice within our schools to support families, but most importantly, to support our planet - please see below for further information.

Children are expected to wear full school uniform each day.  We understand that uniforms are costly, so governors have endeavoured to keep the number of branded uniform items to a minimum. 


Most of the following (skirts, trousers, polo tops) can be purchased at local supermarkets.  The only branded items we require are:


  • Sweatshirts or Cardigans
  • Book Bag (Infants Only)
  • PE tops


Our school uniform consists of:


  • Grey or black pinafore dress, skirt, tracksuit bottoms or trousers
  • White shirt (polo or dress shirt)
  • Sturdy black shoes or black trainers
  • Yellow gingham summer dress and grey shorts may also be worn, particularly in warmer weather. 


P.E Kit


All children are expected to wear P.E kit when doing P.E/Games in school.


  • School yellow T-shirt;
  • Black shorts;
  • Black plimsoles or trainers
  • Tracksuit bottoms are recommended for P.E outside.


All school uniform is available from Mapac or Beats Uniform Suppliers.  The suppliers below have a range of items on their websites for you to peruse and purchase if you wish.  Please be aware that the ONLY items that are branded and that we will require you to purchase from a dedicated school outfitter are school sweaters/cardigans and PE tops.


Please follow the links below:


Beats School Uniforms





Hair must be cut in a neat style and not fall into their faces, or restrict their eye sight.  Long hair must be tied back to reduce the spread of headlice.  Staff should not have to routinely be touching children's hair and tying their hair back so ensure your child's hair is sufficiently plaited or tied back to keep them and others safe, tidy, hygienic and free from nits and lice.