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Home Learning w/c 4.05.20

Dear Lion class, 


It was SO lovely to see you all on Friday, it almost felt like I was back doing my normal job!!! Since so many of you enjoyed it and we almost had a full class I thought it would be nice if we did it again this week. This week we will get together on Thursday (because of bank holiday) at 2pm. If you were a part of the zoom call this week then I will assume you want to join this week and will forward you the details during the week so that you don't need to email me (there is no pressure to join the zoom call so please don't feel like you have to). If you did not join us this week then I would love to see you and please email me on before Thursday for the details. During the Zoom call I think it would be nice if maybe you could share some home learning that you have done from the tasks I have set this week. For example, you might want to share your treasure map or show us how well you can tell the time (all of this will make sense when you read the timetable). 


Thank you so much to those of you who wrote me a postcard! It was so kind of you and really lifted my spirits!! Mrs Fox and Mrs Gear have written you a letter this week and they would love to have some responses so please write back to them and send it to our class email. 


I have also been sent some lovely pictures of your pirate hats which look absolutely fantastic. Please do keep sending me pictures it is so lovely to see. 


I hope this all makes sense and I haven't rambled too much. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday @ 2pm. 


Love from, 


Miss N xxxx