Bushey Primary

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This week we have been learning:



  • This week we have been focusing on capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and letter formation in our writing. 
  • We have been editing our own writing and looking at how we can improve it and make it better. 
  • The Lions have been focusing on their ascenders and desceneders in their writing.




  • We started off by revising and reminding ourselves of all the different ways we can make the number ten. 
  • We have been focusing on addition this week and to do so we have been using a 'think ten' method. The Lions have been playing the 'exchange game' to help with their addition learning. 



  • We started off the week by going on a local walk to spot any Victorian houses in our local area. 
  • We then drew a map of our walk, labelling the roads and buildings we passed on the way. 
  • In History, the Lions have been writing fact files about Queen Victoria to find out more information about what life in Bushey would of been like in the past.
  • In Science, we have been looking at seasonal changes. We have been looking at the similarities and differences between the four seasons. 
  • In Music with Mrs Caperon we went outside and learnt some traditional Victorian nursery rhymes. 



  • We have been focusing on the alternative 'ow' and 'oo' sounds.
  • We have also been doing lots of practice of recognising our special friends in alien words.


Well done on another busy week Lions!!!!!