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Week 8: 2nd November 2020

Welcome back after half term. The children have come back full of energy and are so excited to learn. 


In English we have been focusing on the story Mixed Up Fairy Tales. We enjoyed creating and telling our own mixed up stories on Monday and then we planned our own story. We thought about characters, settings and an ending to our stories. For the rest of the week we wrote our own story. We then had the very tricky bit of cutting up the flaps of our story and sticking them together. We thought about what might go on a front cover and made our own. We shared our stories and enjoyed reading and making up funny mixed up tales. I have put photos on the website for their publication day!


In Maths we have been practising subtracting. We used objects, number lines and drawings to show how to subtract. We used words such as whole and parts to help understand the different parts of the number sentence. 


In Art we continued looking at Molly Rausch and we used animal pictures which were cut in half and continued the picture, thinking about the background as well as the animal. 


In Science we thought about animal diets and used the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore to sort the animals. We had fun going around the classroom and finding all the different animals and working together to work out which diet they have. 


On Friday we thought about Religious Education and what it means. We talked about different celebrations and how we might celebrate these special days. It was a lovely way to start our Religious Education topic this term. Lots of children talked about festivals or special days they celebrate.


In PE we started a topic with Mrs Charles who works with us from the Queens School. She is teaching us Pilates. The children were fantastic as copying all the moves. She warned us that we may ache a little afterwards - this is completely safe and normal - it is just because we are using muscles we don't use very much (or at all). 



Well Done Purple Class on a fantastic week

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach