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Week 9: 4th November

What a busy first week back!!


The children have really enjoyed learning about fireworks this week and sharing their own experiences of watching them. Some great description words were used during our carpet sessions.


We have been focusing this week on writing about their half term adventures and beginning to write initial sounds. They are becoming more confident with the sounds they have already learnt and it is great to see them begin to apply these sounds in their writing and reading.


In Maths we have been practising counting accurately and looking at some numerals. The children have been making towers to practise the skill of matching quantity to numeral. It was brilliant to see so many children wanting to challenge themselves to make towers with two-digit numbers.


In Reception we are lucky that the children’s interests inspire and lead our planning. This week some children made spell books in their active learning time. We were then able to extend their learning and inspire other children by using this as one of our carpet sessions. The children enjoyed thinking of different ingredients to put into their cauldron and then what spell they would say. They really enjoyed this activity and was so lovely to see them start making potions outside too.


Next week we are focusing on the story Stick Man. If you are out and about this weekend please see if you can collect any sticks to bring into class. We will be using them for our creative and maths activities as well as to inspire our writing. Thank you.


We have two opportunities to share and support parents with Phonics. The first is our ‘open classroom’ session on Thursday 15th November where we invite parents and carers in to watch and take part in a Phonics lesson. The session will run from 9:00 till 9:45 although once the carpet session has finish and your child is settled you may wish to leave slightly earlier. The second is a workshop style session on Wednesday 20th November where we invite parents and carers to see some of the ways you can support your child at home with Phonics and reading. This session will run from 3:30 till 4:30 and we hope you will find it useful.


Thank you for all the lovely cooking photos emailed in over the holidays. The children looked like they were having so much fun and have enjoyed sharing them with their friends. A selection have gone up in our role play (based in Toucan’s class).


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach