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Week 7: 24th February 2020

We had Science Week at school this week. Our topic was ‘Light and Dark’ and we based our week around the story ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear?’ In this story, Little Bear is afraid of the dark, so Big Bear finds bigger and bigger lamps for Little Bear to use so that it is not so dark in his room at night time.


We returned to quite a dark classroom after lunch on Monday and we discussed how we could make it brighter. We talked about sources of light and what we could use to brighten up our classroom and we came up with lots of good ideas. We looked at artwork on windows where the light shining through is made up of various colours. We then decided to make our own sun catchers using resources of various colours.


We then began to talk about shadows. We talked about how they are formed and then we worked on making our own. We used a large light shone on a plain background, and the children investigated the shapes they could make using their bodies. We made our own shadow puppets and tested these out too.


We then introduced torches and looked at how we could use these. We did shadow drawings, where we used torches to make shadows on paper and then we drew around them. We found lots of objects around the classroom and explored the shapes these shadows make.


We ended our week by attending a Science workshop in the hall. We learned about light and reflection. We made a kaleidoscope, and explored a variety of activities including shadow puppets, periscopes and a dark tent with lights.


Next week will be Book Week at school. The whole school will be looking at Julia Donaldson stories for the week and we have chosen to look at the story Superworm. On Wednesday evening we will be hosting ‘Book at Bedtime’ where staff will act out stories for families to watch. This will be taking place at Bushey Manor. On Thursday, for World Book Day, the children can come to school dressed as their favourite book character.