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Week 12: 25.11.19

Lions class have been extremely busy this week, with Christmas jobs already beginning. 



  • We have been looking at the festival Thanksgiving. We learnt about the history of why it is celebrated and wrote about what it is that we are thankful for in our lives. 
  • We then looked at the festival of Hanukkah. We learnt about how and why the festival is celebrated and wrote facts about information we could remember. 
  • We then designed and created our winter display in the style of the artist Lowry. We spoke about his art and what it was we liked and disliked.



  • We have been doing lots of word problem solving using our addition and subtraction skills.The Lions need to remember to make sure they are reading what the question is asking them.  


We have also been doing lots of singing, dancing and acting to get ready for our Christmas Production. 


Well done on a great week Lions and have a wonderful weekend.