Bushey Primary

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Week 2:13.01.20

WOW well done on a VERY busy week Lions!!!! This week we have been learning:



  • We looked at the features of instructions and learnt about imperative (bossy) verbs and time adverbials.
  • We then looked at different sets of instructions to see where we could find these features.
  • We then wrote our own instructions about how we made our superveg.



  • We have started looking at our split vowel digraphs
  • We looked at phonics sound 'i-e' and 'o-e' this week. 



  • We looked at different ways to make the number 10 and numbers within 10.
  • We used our tens frame to help us learn these number bonds.
  • We used the language of 'more than' and 'fewer than' to describe numbers position in relation to 0, 5 and 10.
  • We then begun to look at different ways to make the number 20 and numbers within 10 and 20. 



  • In Science we looked at materials. We went on a material hunt  to identify examples of these materials within our classroom.
  • In Design and Technology, we designed, made and evaluated our own Superveg. 
  • In Art we investigated different mediums we could use to paint a photo or our superveg. After some discussion we decided the best medium was paint and painted pictures of our Superveg.
  • We were also lucky enough to have a ROAD SAFETY WORKSHOP at the start of the week. Don't forget Lions: STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN
  • Finally we had another session of Relax Kids and thought of different ways we can make ourselves happy. 


Well done on another busy week Lions!