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Week 3: 20th January 2020

We continued with our topic of Space this week. On Monday we had our weekly music session with Ms. Caperon, who taught us songs about space.


We also had a traffic workshop on Monday. We learned how to safely cross the road and to remember to stop, look, listen and think before we cross.  After the workshop we drew pictures to show what we had learned. We then went to a school assembly on Wednesday afternoon where we shared with everyone what we had learned.


We read the story ‘The Way Back Home’ this week, about a boy and an alien who get stranded on the moon. We thought about which planet the alien might have come from and decided to learn about the planets in our solar system. We listened to a song about planets and then learned facts about each one. We painted pictures of the planets, looking carefully at examples of them to decide on the colours we needed and what techniques we might need to use.


In maths this week we learned about subtraction. We used our ‘moon rocks’ from last week to help us with this. We then used a part part whole model to record our work. We have been using the vocabulary of minus, take away and equals as we work. We will continue to work on subtraction next week and will learn how to use number lines to help us with subtraction.


In phonics this week we learned the sounds ‘ng’, ‘ai’ and ‘ee’. We looked at reading and writing words containing these sounds. For these sounds we have decided not to send home sounds on the sound tags but to send home a sound mat instead. We feel that this will be more helpful as all of the digraphs we learn will be available on the sound mat when they choose to write.


Next week we will have Art Week at school. We will be learning about painting and looking at the work of a famous artist. We will also be preparing for our class assembly. Children will receive words to learn in preparation for our assembly on Wednesday 5th February.


Have a lovely weekend Toucan Class.