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Week 3:16th September

Our first full week is complete. The children have done so well negotiating the classroom and following the rules. We have done a lot of recapping how to keep the areas of the classroom tidy so everyone can enjoy learning in the areas. 


We we have been continuing getting to know each other. We have finished all the ‘All About Me’ boxes which have been brought in and the children have loved sharing theirs and listening to others. We have been talking about our hobbies and drawing what we like to do outside of school. It is lovely to hear about how active the children are outside of school. 


We have been drawing who is in our family and sharing these with adults and peers. The children have not stopped talking about their families and have been using some fantastic describing words when drawing.


We have also been looking at different shapes and seeing if we can name any and talk about their properties. We have been using them to create pictures with and we have seen some creative pieces of artwork. 


Outside we have been enjoying playing group games such as ‘Grandmother’s Footsteps’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’. The children have been continuing to play these games independently and it has been brilliant to see them work together and ensure they are all following the rules. 


Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our Welcome to Reception meeting. We hope you found it useful. There was a lot of information and the slides are available on the website to look at again. Please do come and see me if you have any questions and I promise everything will make sense as we go through the year and this class page will be a great place for support. 

Wow moments: your child has come home with a wow moment certificate. Please fill this is over this half term with something your child has learnt this term e.g. swimming, riding a bike, writing their name. As we told the children if it made you go Wow it is suitable for the certificate. These will be placed in their learning journals. Please aim for one a half term however more certificates are available in the classroom if you would like to do more. 

Email address: this was a popular way of sharing the children’s experiences last year and we hope you find it useful this year. Please email any photographs of children’s days out, creative works or wow moments and we can share these wit the class and in their journals. This is not an email address I can reply to and is therefore not suitable for any questions or queries. These need to be brought to my attention before or after school or via the school office. Thank you. 


Next Week

Our focus next week will be all about Parrots! Over the weekend if you can find any interesting facts about parrots we can share them in class. If you could put a note in the bag I can support the children in remembering these accurately (just in case). 


Also we will be sharing our favourite stories. Please can your child bring in their favourite book next week. Please make sure it’s named and is able to stay in school for a few days. If your child needs it to fall asleep each night it may be worth choosing a different one. These will be shared with the whole class so please choose a book which can be read easily to a large class group. 


Well done Parrots I am so proud of you this week and I am looking forward to our fantastic year ahead. 

Miss Leach



Congratulations to our 'Stars of the Day'


Elio, Harry, Kyla, Leo, Lily, Rebecca




Congratulations to Maddox who is in the 'Golden Book'