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Week 3 - 21/09/20

Well done on another great week Yellow Class! You have all worked really hard.


We have now started our topic for the next half term on The Jolly Postman. Yellow Class had a lovely surprise on Monday as they have received a letter from the Jolly Postman himself! Throughout the week we have been writing letters back to the Jolly Postman and learning about the features of a letter. On Thursday, we received a letter telling us that the Jolly Postman was having some trouble delivering all of his letters on time! So we wrote back to him with some ideas of how we could deliver all of the post quicker. 


We have also been looking at maps this week in Geography and discussing where the Jolly Postman went on his journey. Yellow Class designed a map of the Jolly Postman's route to each of the characters. 


In maths this week, we have been looking at patterns in numbers up to 10, including familiar and unfamiliar patterns. On Monday, we used lots of different objects including numicon, dice, tens frames and unifix cubes to make the same numbers. We discussed how each group of objects were the same because they showed the same number, but different because each group was made of a different object. It was fun to be able to investigate using the objects to make different numbers. 


In science, we have been discussing our senses and which part of the body uses each sense. In groups, we had a discussion and placed the names of the senses next to the part of the body it belonged to. We then labelled these in our books. Next week we will be doing an investigation into each of the senses. 


Yellow Class had their first music lesson in Year 1 this week! They sang songs related to the Jolly Postman. 


Well done on another fantastic week Yellow Class! Have a lovely weekend.