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Week 7: W/E 23rd October

Wow! What a very busy pre-half term holiday week we’ve had!!


In Maths, we continued with our work on mental fluency in addition. This unit gives us opportunity to try out a range of mental maths skills so that we have a range to choose from when carrying out calculations. We used complements to ten (Think 10) and a hundred (Think 100) to help us work out sums quickly.


For English this week, we spent time reviewing our instruction work so far. We also completed a piece of writing where we were given the opening sentence ‘As I stepped through the door and looked around me, I couldn’t believe what I saw…’. We came up with a whole variety of fabulous ideas.


B3 were very excited when we continued with our Art clay topic. This week, we used the clay skills we had learnt in previous sessions, to design and make Dragon Eyes. On Monday, we drew our designs in our sketchbooks, then annotated and coloured them. On Friday, we used air-drying clay to make them. After the holiday, when they have dried, we will paint them.


We have also been asked by a local church, to paint some poppy Remembrance Rocks which will be placed on memorials. Once they’ve been varnished, they’ll be dropped off at the church. Even in these difficult times, it’s really important that we play a part in our local community.

Poppy Remembrance Rocks

Thursday was Outdoor Classroom Day. Once again it was a great day giving us the opportunity to connect with nature. We started the day with colouring a nature mandala. We recognised lots of different objects including acorns, fir cones and assorted leaves. After that, we worked in small groups to build a bird nest. We gathered our building materials and then started construction. It was a lot more difficult that we thought it was going to be and it’s amazing that birds manage to do it with just a beak! We then went out in groups to work with Mrs Rook. Following our work linked to ‘The Promise’, we planted acorns. Some of the acorns were already sprouting but it will still be three years (yes, YEARS!) before they are ready to plant out. That’s a long time to remember to water them!

We are really lucky to have so much outdoor space!

Classroom Picnic

The sign of a good day outside: muddy wellies and trainers!

On Friday, we had the excitement of Autumn Dress-up Day. We came to school in our costumes/clothes and although we couldn’t hold our usual parade, we all admired what we were wearing. For some of us, it was quite a challenge to fit our art aprons over the top!


In the afternoon, after getting everything tidied and sorted we chilled and watched the original ‘Pete’s Dragon’. It was great!

We are all amazed how quickly this half term has gone. After starting with some trepidation in September, we are now seasoned members of the Bushey Manor community. Despite how odd the world is at the moment, we are really looking forward to the rest of the year. Who know what it will bring! J