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Week 4: 23.9.19

In Lions class this week we have been SO busy with our learning. 



  • We read Cinderella which is the fairy tale we are focusing on this week. 
  • We created story maps to help us sequence the story and recall events that happen.
  • We then wrote captions to describe what was happening in each picture from the story. We thought about the how the characters were looking and feeling in that moment. 
  • Finally we imagined we were the prince and wrote invites to our guests to attend our Royal Ball.



  • We found different ways to show numbers using a range of resources.
  • We used ‘1 more’ and ‘1 less’ to count amounts of objects.
  • We compared numbers and used comparison language to explain our answers.
  • We used a number line to find one more and one less than given numbers.



  • We practised our gymnastic skills and directional language in PE
  • We designed and made our own pumpkin carriages using paper plates.



  • We started with an assembly to learn what 5 things we can do to help us FEEL GOOD!
  • We completed a maths activity in pairs (which was all about team work). 
  • We then designed a poster on 'how to be a good friend'. 
  • In the afternoon we completed a number of different activities in the classroom in order to help us feel good (including a malteaser challenge!!!)


Well done on another wonderful week Lions :) You are all working so hard and settling into Year One fantastically! Make sure you get lots of rest over the weekend ready for another week of learning.