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Week 2: W/E 18th September 2020

An amazing week settling into year 3 at Bushey Manor this week !


This week's learning...


Maths: This week we have been looking at 3-digit number and using different resources to represent these numbers. Then we used these resources to partition the numbers in as many different ways as we could. We have also been using all four operations to play maths countdown in the morning to improve our calculation skills. 


English: We have been using the book "Here we are" by Oliver Jeffers. We started by looking at the positive effects of the lockdown on the environment  and why this was. Then e used this information to create persuasive posters encouraging recycling and re-using to help the environment.  The we spent the rest of the week looking at a moon poem. We annotated this thinking about the different features we could spot such as alliteration and descriptive language. 


Art: In art this week we have looked at the different skills and techniques used when working with water colours. Then we experimented using different paintbrushes, amounts of paint and amounts of water. 


Outdoor Learning: This week we had a chance to become aquainted with and explore the wildlife garden, as well as the woodland area whilst completing a woodland treasure hunt. We had lots of fun talking about the different things we had found and comparing different seed pods. We then discussed why each seed was so different and how this help the plant to spread its seeds.


Religious Education: We have spent some time this week talking about what we already know about Christianity and Islam and started to compare the similarities and differences between the two. 


Next week : We will be continuing to look at poetry and descriptive writing in English whilst in Maths we will begin looking at counting forward and backwards as well and rounding.