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Week 4: 27.01.20

It has been an exciting week in Lions class celebrating Art week! In our class we focused on the artist Lowry and his drawings. We found out about his life and looked at different pieces of work he has created. We then created our own version of one of his drawings and tested out different mediums to see which would be the best to create our version. Using Lowry as an inspiration we then sketched pictures of our Superveg using charcoal pencils. Finally on Friday Miss Stevens taught us all about a different artist and the skills they used to create their art work. 



-We started to use Base Ten (dienes) to describe numbers in terms of tens and ones.

-We made numbers to twenty using dienes.



- We looked at poetry and discussed the features of poems.

- We looked at rhyming words and looked at the poem 'If I were a Superhero' by Sally Grey.



- Split vowel digraph e-e

- aw