Bushey Primary

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Educating Today's Child For Tomorrow

Week 11:18.11.19

Lions Class have been very busy this week with lots of learning. 



  • We have been looking at birthdays around the world and how different countries celebrate their birthday. 
  • We started by thinking about own birthday and related to our senses. We thought about what we see, hear, touch, feels, smell and taste on our birthday. 
  • We then learnt about different traditions that other countries have on their birthdays. 
  • We then compared our traditions to those of children in other countries.
  • We also had an afternoon thinking all about ROAD SAFETY!  We played a road safety game and designed posters to warn other children about being safe on the road.
  • Maths
  • We used resources and drawings to help us subtract.
  • We solved problems by using part whole models to add and subtract.
  • We added different amounts by grouping numbers together.



  • We have been looking at Acrostic poems. 
  • We then wrote our own Acrostic poem about our birthday.


Well done on another great week Lions! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)